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All the needed currency data in one portal

With our new Currency Template Download Portal, we provide operators a quick and reliable template update process for all systems installed in the field and equipped with the CashRay 90 Sensor, as well as for the CI Note Line product range and the BIM Module.
All operators have access to the very best authentication and quality classification available and can update on demand the latest currency templates from more than 60 currencies.

Currency templates, are updates that enable banknote sensors to take the latest changes into account for various currencies without having to exchange any hardware. This applies to new issues as well as newly introduced counterfeit money.

Single currency templates, as well as region-specific multi-currency templates, are offered as downloads for authorized customers, such as system integrators, operators or service organizations for banknote processing systems, e.g. in self-service machines.

With the personal login, our customers obtain global 24/7 access to all their needed templates. Automatically generated e-mail notifications gurantee that no updates are lost. Your account is protected through an HTTPS encryption protocol to secure your privacy and the integrity of exchanged data.

How to activate it ?

When buying a CI Note Line Module, BIM Module or CashRay 90 Sensor, our Technical Customer Support will automatically register you for the service and provide the Login information for your personal access to the Currency Template Download Portal.

Need assistance?

If you require help using any aspect of the Currency Template Download Portal, please contact our support team: