Core competencies

Modules For Banknote Handling

With the modular design of our products and the available deposit, dispensing and recycling functionalities, we are able to flexibly develop solutions according to specific market demands in order to support our customers.

Our OEM modules are aimed at deposit and payment applications in the Retail, Transport, Financial Services and Banking market segments.

To meet the specific requirements of these market segments, we are committed to focusing on:

  • A high degree of modularity
  • Reliable banknote validation
  • High levels of quality and security
  • Support of cash management processes
  • Outstanding cost effectiveness during development, integration and product lifecycle 

Technology For Banknote Validation

With our technology for the validation of banknotes, CI Tech Components AG provides products that comply with regulations and meet specific market requirements.

Our OEM sensors are used for a wide range of deposit, dispensing and recycling applications in the Retail, Transport, Financial Services, Banking and Cash Center market segments.

With more than 70 currencies available on our Currency Template Download Portal, we can provide our customers an innovative solution for updating installed sensors worldwide at any time.

The key functions of our sensors are:

  • Banknote recognition
  • Banknote authentication
  • Banknote denomination sorting
  • Banknote quality sorting
  • Banknote authenticity classification according to central bank requirements
  • Banknote fitness classification according to central bank requirements