New 10 franc banknote: Currency template now available

CI Tech now delivers banknote sensors with the upgrade for the new 10 franc note. It is the third release out of the new banknote series.

On October 11, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) unveiled the new 10 franc banknote out of the 9th series.
The new CHF 10 went into circulation on October 18.

The new ten franc note has the same 15 security features as the 50 franc and 20 franc notes that entered circulation in April 2016 and May 2017 respectively. Using a range of technologies, they are incorporated into both the front and the back of the note’s innovative, three-layer substrate (Durasafe®).

Our close cooperation with the SNB ensures, that all of our banknote detection systems on the market have immediate access to updated sensor detection software before the new banknotes are even issued. This allows our systems to detect the new banknote from the very beginning.

The new currency templates are ready to download on our Download Portal for all existing banknote sensors.

Learn more about the new 10 franc banknote here.