Introduction Currency Template Download Portal

CI Tech’s new Currency Template Download Portal is a progressive online solution that is enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the currency template update process for our Modules and Sensors installed in the field.

Circulating banknote counterfeits are a high risk for the service and the security of cash payment solution operators and their customers. Avoiding the acceptance of counterfeits it’s therefore essential for us that our customers are always getting immediate the needed currency templates and can update their systems in an uncomplicated and quick way.

Our online solution makes it possible to choose from more than 80 currency templates and download the updates 24/7 worldwide. 4 mixed standard multi templates (Asia, America, Europe, Africa & Middle East) are even offered free of charge.

Our currency adaptation team works constantly on new updates and holds a close co-operation to the national central banks. During the last 3 months our team has implemented the following templates:

  •  AUD 5
  •  NZD 50
  • NZD 100
  • GBP
  • BoE 5
  • RBS 5
  • CLB 5
  • BoS 5
  • THB 1000
  • SGD10 commemorative
  • BYN complete series (7BN’s)
  • IRR20K
  • IRR50K
  • UAH500
  • COP100K

Learn more about our Download Portal and how to activate it at: