CashRay 90

The efficient “short edge” sensor for secure validation of banknotes

The CR 90 family enables reliable banknotes validation, including recognition, authentication and fitness sorting. With over 80 available currencies, the CR 90 family can be used throughout the world.

Our different product versions are interchangeable, since the design and interfaces are standardized. If market requirements change, the necessary adjustments can be made quickly.

More than 50,000 sensors are in use today in a wide range of applications, testifying to the performance and cost effectiveness of the CR 90 sensor family.

CR 90 is certified according to ECB regulations, both for authenticity (incl. Article 6) and fitness.

Quick and reliable template update process

With our Currency Template Download Portal we provide our customers a quick and reliable template update process for every CashRay 90 Sensor. The currency templates are available for download 24/7 on our web-based platform.

All operators have access to the very best authentication and quality classification updates.
The updates enable banknote sensors to take the latest changes into account for various currencies without having to exchange any hardware. This applies to new issues as well as newly introduced counterfeit money.

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