CI Note Line

CI Note Line is an innovative, modular product family of banknote acceptors with deposit, dispensing and recycling functions.

The new CI Note Line family is designed to cater to the varying requirements of self-service applications in Retail, Banking and Transport industries. CI Note Line addresses the following:

  • Secure and efficient cash handling: better protection against counterfeit acceptance
  • Reliable:  securing cash inside the device and high security in banknote recognition
  • Modular and robust design: cost efficient, due to its great flexibility in defining the proper configurations
  • Capacity and security: three different chassis sizes and locked universal sub-module sizes with storage for up to 2'000 banknotes
  • Denominations: accepts up to 200 denominations and banknotes at up to 85 mm width

Quick and reliable template update process

With our Currency Template Download Portal we provide our customers a quick and reliable template update process for every system in the CI Note Line product range. The currency templates are available for download 24/7 on our web-based platform.

All operators have access to the very best authentication and quality classification updates.
The updates enable banknote sensors to take the latest changes into account for various currencies without having to exchange any hardware. This applies to new issues as well as newly introduced counterfeit money.

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Proven Banknote Recirculation Standards

The CI Note Line product family possesses the latest ECB authentication and fitness check for recirculation of banknotes according to the ECB/2010/14 decision.

The check comprises the following two main criteria:

  • Authenticity: The ECB (EC) No 1338/2001 Article 6 regulation ensures that the devices withdraw from circulation all euro notes received by them which they know or have sufficient reason to believe to be counterfeit.
  • Fitness: The ECB recirculation framework requires an acceptable tolerance level for the fitness checks by banknote handling machines of 5% within 12 various sorting criteria for all Euro denomination-series. This means that a maximum of 5% of the euro banknotes that do not meet the fitness criteria may be misclassified by the machines and sorted as fit.

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