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CI Note Line fulfils latest ECB fitness and authenticity frameworks
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Italy: € 28 mio. fake banknotes seized. Our measures against counterfeits
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New 10 franc banknote: Currency template now available
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CI Tech Components AG is a global supplier of a wide range of OEM products and services covering banknote validation and handling.
Our module technology includes banknote handling with deposit, dispensing and recycling functionalities.
The sensor technology for banknote validation enables recognition, authentication, sorting and classification of nearly all banknotes worldwide.


Discover our market segments

With OEM products for banknote validation and modules for banknote handling, CI Tech Components AG addresses the
Retail, Transport, Financial Services, Banking and Cash Center market segments.


On November 13, 2017, the Italian police announced the arrest of 13 suspected counterfeiters and the seizure of more than 900’000 high quality fake banknotes with a value of total € 28 million.

On November 22nd, 2017, our CI Note Line product family passed the current ECB authentication and fitness check for recirculation of banknotes with the latest test deck including the new EUR 20 and EUR 50 banknotes.

CI Tech now delivers banknote sensors with the upgrade for the new 10 franc note.