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CI Note Line receives BoE’s Gold Standard certification for the 2nd time
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20 years of euro banknotes – 6 interesting facts
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Banknote recycler for
ICA ticket vending machines
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In view of the current tense global situation, CI Tech has implemented various measures to guarantee its customers price & delivery stability (max. lead time of 3 months).

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We would like to inform our customers that the CI Tech staff is on Easter Holidays from April 15 - 18.

In urgent cases, please contact support@citech.com or your designated salesperson.

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On November 2021, CI Tech confirmed with its CI Note Line “C” Sensor Version the Bank of England’s Gold Standard certification with the latest test deck for the second time after 2019. CI Tech is one of the few manufacturers in its segment achieving with the Gold Standard the highest of the three certification levels.

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