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Currency Templates released in Q4 2020
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CI Tech supplies banknote handling solutions
for metro projects in China
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CI Tech modules receive Bank of England’s
new Gold Standard certification
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Your worldwide OEM-partner for banknote handling solutions

CI Tech Components AG is your specialist in the automated validation and handling of banknotes, learn more about our products:


Banknote Validation

Banknote handling solutions for your market

Select your market segment to discover our solutions tailored to your needs


We would like to inform our customers that the CI Tech staff is on Easter Holidays from April 2 - 5.

In urgent cases please contact support@citech.com or your designated salesperson.

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See the latest overview of our Currency Template releases in Q4 2020.

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We would like to use this occasion to thank you for your loyalty and confidence towards us and the pleasant cooperation in 2020.

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