Exploring the Advantages of CI Note Line Banknote Acceptor

To ensure optimal customer satisfaction and profitability, self-service applications need to operate efficiently and always be available. The banknote acceptor plays a pivotal role, actively validating varying quality notes quickly and securely. Drawing from their vast experience, CI Tech Components presents the advantages of its CI Note Line banknote acceptor. It not only validates banknotes efficiently and reliably but also supports depositing, dispensing, and recycling. Moreover, it’s a perfect fit for the Transport, Retail, Financial Services, and Banking sectors.

CI Note Line banknote acceptor and validator for retail, finance, and transport sectors.

Unveiling the CI Note Line Banknote Acceptor Family

Let’s delve into the core advantages of the CI Note Line family:

Field-Proven Reliability and High Uptime

Our customer data reveals that the CI Note Line consistently excels, even when handling up to 1’000 transactions daily under challenging outdoor conditions. Its impressive acceptance rate, combined with top-notch banknote templates, guarantees maximum availability. Should a jam occur, the module actively tries to fix it using its built-in auto jam-clearing function. Furthermore, authorized operators can easily access all transport paths if manual jam clearance or preventive maintenance becomes necessary.

Exceptional Banknote Acceptance Rate

The CI Note Line has an acceptance rate of over 98% on the first try and more than 99.5% by the third.
This efficiency ensures smooth transactions and reduces user frustration.

Modular Design for Flexibility

The CI Note Line, with its three chassis heights (440, 560 & 680 mm), presents over 30 configuration options.
This versatility allows businesses to mold the device according to their requirements. Moreover, they can rearrange submodules for future adjustments or leave slots vacant for anticipated upgrades.

High Capacities for Efficient Banknote Validator Operations

Designed to handle high volumes of banknotes, the CI Note Line banknote acceptor boasts remarkable capacities:

  • Deposit Cassette: Up to 800 or 1,950 banknotes of ATM quality
  • Recycling Unit: 2 x 80 banknotes per unit, totaling 160 banknotes
  • Dispense Cassette: Up to 250 banknotes

These capacities contribute to efficient cash management and reduce the frequency of the emptying process.

Vast Security Measures of our Banknote Acceptor

In any financial transaction, security remains paramount. Tapping into its extensive experience in banknote validation, the CI Note Line offers sophisticated security features. The system consistently tracks all processed banknotes. Also, the potential inclusion of an In-Machine-Staining-Device (IMSD) provides an additional security layer.

Easy Maintenance and Cost Efficiency

Maintaining self-service devices can be a challenge, but CI Note Line streamlines this process. All transport paths are fully accessible for cleaning or manual jam clearing, simplifying maintenance procedures. The device allows for quick and tool-free replacement of submodules, further reducing downtime. The availability of attractive repair and spare parts pricing contributes to cost efficiency.

Proven Banknote Recirculation Standards

The CI Note Line product family aligns with the latest ECB authentication and fitness check standards for the recirculation of banknotes, following the ECB/2010/14 decision. This check is built on two main criteria:

  1. Authenticity: ECB Article 5 of decision no. ECB/2010/14 ensures that the devices withdraw from circulation all euro notes received by them that are suspected to be counterfeit or have sufficient reasons to be believed so.

  2. Fitness: ECB Article 6 of decision no. ECB/2010/14 establishes an acceptable tolerance level of 5% within 12 various sorting criteria for all Euro denomination series. This means that banknote handling machines, may misclassify up to 5% of euro banknotes that do not meet fitness criteria.

All in one Download Portal for CI Note Line Banknote Validator users

Our Download Portal empowers customers to access at any time a variety of product-related content. The portal offers:

  • Currency Templates
  • Documents
  • Software

Especially in the case of counterfeit protection and security aspects, a fast update process is indispensable. 

FAQs about our CI Note Line Banknote Acceptor

  1. What industries can benefit from the CI Note Line banknote acceptor? The CI Note Line is designed to cater to various industries, including Transport, Retail, Financial Services, and Banking.

  2. What is the acceptance rate of the CI Note Line? On the first insertion, the CI Note Line offers an acceptance rate of over 98%, and by the third insertion, it reaches up to 99.5%.

  3. Can businesses customize the CI Note Line for specific applications? Absolutely! With three different chassis heights (440, 560 & 680 mm) and up to 30 configuration options, the CI Note Line’s modular design can meet diverse needs.

  4. How does the CI Note Line banknote validator optimize transaction costs? It optimizes transaction costs through its easy maintenance and cost-efficiency features. The built-in auto jam-clearing function actively tries to fix jams, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth transactions. Additionally, the device allows for quick and tool-free replacement of submodules and offers attractive repair and spare parts pricing, which further contributes to reducing downtime and overall transaction costs.

  5. What resources does the CI Note Line Download Portal offer? The portal provides currency templates, documents, and software to support businesses.

  6. What is the best banknote acceptor? While there are several banknote acceptors available, the best one depends on the specific requirements and needs of the application. The CI Note Line banknote acceptor stands out for its reliability, acceptance rate, modularity, and security features.

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