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The role of banknotes in promoting national identity and culture

Banknotes are one of the most visible symbols of a nation’s identity and culture. They are a physical representation of a nation’s history, its values, and its aspirations. As such, they have been used to promote national identity and culture for centuries.

Deposit solution for Unixfor’s APS Compact Series

In the course of Unixfor’s development of the new APS Compact self-service kiosk series, CI Tech Components as a long-term partner provided its banknote acceptance technology, the CI Note Line CI 20-00.

Switzerland: Cash is again the most used payment method says a study

A study published on February 16, by the University of St. Gallen and the ZHAW (School of management and law) shows that after the corona pandemic, cash is again the most mused payment method in Switzerland. Around every third payment is made in cash.

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