Stadtwerke Münster, new ICA Traffic TVMs with CI Note Line

Starting from mid-June 2023, the transport authority Stadtwerke Münster is installing retrofitted ICA Traffic “Traveller ST” ticket vending machines with integrated “CI Note Line Recycling” solution all over the city of Münster, Germany.

Responsible for the city’s tramways, trolleybuses, and omnibuses, Stadtwerke Münster serves around 30 million passengers annually.

The retrofitted ticket vending machines boast a larger display and a modern touchscreen interface for intuitive ticket purchases. They also feature an integrated timetable system to facilitate regional travel planning
Low-barrier accessibility played an important role in the redesign, as the machines can be operated by people with disabilities, including those in wheelchairs or with impaired vision. The installation will replace the existing TVMs and provide TVMs at six new locations.

Developed by ICA Traffic, the ‘Traveller ST’ model is designed for outdoor durability and provides increased vandalism security. With its 18.5″ or 32″ display options and compliance with TSI-PRM (EU standard) for accommodating disabled passengers, it prioritizes user convenience. The modular design minimizes maintenance costs for operators. Notably, the “CI Note Line” integration greatly improves banknote payment acceptance, boasting a high success rate and enhanced modularity.”

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Stadtwerke Münster, new ICA Traffic TVMs with CI Note Line

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