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Ticket Vending Machines & Toll Gate Stations with CI Note Line

In the challenging landscape of automated ticket vending machines and toll gate stations, having reliable and efficient banknote acceptors is pivotal. The CI Note Line serves as an essential tool for improving both operational efficiency and security:

1. Enhancing Customer Satisfaction in Ticket Vending Machine and Toll Gate Station Operations

Both TVMs and toll gate stations sometimes face cash handling issues. These include note rejection and jamming, leading to user frustration and transaction delays. The CI Note Line offers an auto jam-clearing function. This feature ensures continuous operations by fixing jams without manual intervention. It has a proven track record, handling up to 1,000 daily transactions even in harsh conditions. Additionally, it offers a high banknote acceptance rate—over 98% on the first try and more than 99.5% by the third. This minimizes note rejection and improves user satisfaction.

2. Boosting Operational Efficiency

Operating TVMs and toll gate stations involve high costs. These include the purchase and maintenance of machines, which require regular servicing and parts replacement. The CI Note Line addresses these issues. It provides easy access for cleaning and manual jam clearing. It also offers competitive pricing for repairs and spare parts, contributing to overall cost efficiency.

3. Upholding Security Standards in Ticket Vending Machine and Toll Gate Station Operations

TVMs and toll gate stations can be vulnerable to vandalism and damage. This can come from users or adverse weather conditions, disrupting service and incurring extra costs. The CI Note Line enhances security with multiple features. These include a flat metal bezel with IP 34 protection and automatic closing mechanisms in the banknote slots. It also has a plausibility check to prevent the insertion of foreign objects. An optional In-Machine-Staining-Device (IMSD) provides added security against unauthorized access.

4. Cost-Effective Management

As technology evolves, TVMs and toll gate stations face the risk of becoming obsolete. This necessitates upgrades or replacements to stay relevant. The CI Note Line is designed with modularity in mind. It offers more than 30 configuration options, allowing for easy future adjustments and upgrades. This helps avert technological obsolescence and extends the device’s lifespan.

Applications for the Transport industry:

  • Ticket vending
  • Toll collection
  • Fuel payment

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CI Note Line Banknote Acceptor

CI Note Line configuration featuring a banknote recycling unit for enhanced efficiency in ticket vending machines and toll gate stations.
  • Reliability and low jam rate
  • Very cost efficient thanks to its modular design

  • Vandalism proof

  • Easy handling and jam recovery

  • Deposit and/or recycling functionality

Counterfeit Money Protection

CI Tech services counterfeit protection
  • Banknote Tracking

  • Suspect Banknote Withdrawal and Traceability

  • Counterfeit Risk Analysis and Simulation

  • Cooperation with Central Banks and Federal Police

  • Central Bank Certifications

  • Online Download Portal for Currency Templates

  • Fast Updates for New Counterfeits


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