• Self-Service Kiosk cash acceptance with CI Note Line for secure and efficient transactions.

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Self-Service Kiosk cash acceptance with CI Note Line

Self-service kiosk cash acceptance is revolutionized by CI Note Line, a state-of-the-art banknote acceptor. This technology offers customers quick and convenient access to services while providing operators with cost savings and increased efficiency. Self-service applications, such as currency exchange or utility payment,  can process various transactions quickly and securely at any time. However, these benefits come with challenges such as reliability, user experience, and security, which CI Note Line addresses effectively:

1. Maximizing Reliability and Uptime in Self-Service Kiosk Cash Acceptance

CI Note Line is engineered for 24/7 operation and has demonstrated its reliability under various payment patterns. This is particularly important for self-service kiosks that need to be available around the clock. Additionally, the system comes with an automatic jam-clearing feature that actively works to resolve any jams, thereby reducing downtime and ensuring smooth transactions. Additionally, CI Note Line boasts high deposit capacities, with the deposit cassette holding up to 1,950 banknotes of ATM quality, reducing the frequency of emptying and contributing to efficient cash management.

2. Highest Security Measures

Our banknote validator employs advanced counterfeit protection measures, including banknote tracking, suspect banknote withdrawal and traceability, and fast updates for new counterfeits. The CI Note Line is fully aligned with the latest European Central Bank (ECB) standards for banknote authentication and fitness checks, as outlined in the ECB/2010/14 decision. The system adheres to two main criteria: Authenticity, which ensures the withdrawal of all euro notes suspected to be counterfeit, and Fitness, which allows for a tolerance level of 5% within 12 various sorting criteria for all Euro denomination series.

3. Global Currency Support in Self-Service Kiosk Cash Acceptance

CI Note Line supports more than 70 currencies, offering a truly global solution for self-service kiosks. Our long-term experience, high transaction numbers and close contact to authorities allow us to issue high-quality currency templates and respond fast to new counterfeits. We offer fast updates for new issues and new counterfeits. Through our online download portal customers can download the latest currency templates and get an automated notification in case of an update.

4. Maintenance and Cost Efficiency

All transport paths in the CI Note Line are fully accessible for cleaning or manual jam clearing, simplifying the maintenance process. We also offer attractive repair and spare parts pricing. Its modular design allows for quick and tool-free replacement of submodules, which contributes to reducing downtime and overall operational costs.

Applications for the Financial Services industry:

  • Currency exchange
  • Utility payment

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CI Note Line Banknote Acceptor

  • Vast and certified security standards (ECB/2010/14 Art. 5 & 6)

  • Highest reliability and uptime

  • More than 70 currencies available

  • Large deposit capacity (up to 1’950 BNs)

  • Deposit and/or recycling functionality

Counterfeit Money Protection

CI Tech services counterfeit protection
  • Banknote tracking

  • Suspect banknote withdrawal and traceability

  • Counterfeit risk analysis and simulation

  • Cooperation with central banks and federal police

  • Central bank certifications

  • Online Download Portal for Currency Templates

  • Fast updates for new counterfeits


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