Deposit solution for Unixfor’s APS Compact Series


In the course of Unixfor’s development of the new APS Compact self-service kiosk series, CI Tech Components as a long-term partner provided its banknote acceptance technology, the CI Note Line CI 20-00.

The APS Compact Series automates any retail transaction such as bill & tax payments, social security & postal payments as well as cash deposits and prepaid card recharges. It provides multi-payment possibilities and various user or payment identification methods (barcodes, QR, NFC, etc.). With the CI Note Line, the APS Compact Series includes a modular banknote acceptance solution with large deposit capacity of up to 1’950 banknotes, a 20 banknotes escrow capacity and ECB Art. 6 certification for highest security standards. The field proven reliability and integrated automatic jam clearing feature, provide a high uptime, increasing the revenue and margins for the end customer. In the rare case of a service interaction, the authorized operator can fully access all transport paths and replace submodules without any tools.

“We now have a large installation base of 200+ self-service kiosks using the CI Note banknote acceptor. Our end-clients have expressed their satisfaction as they see that the desired business results are being delivered and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high”, said Alexandros Stylianidis.

For more than 40 years, Unixfor is specialized in the design and production of self-service solutions. These core competencies cover innovative self-service kiosks and in-house services including proof-of-concept, consultation, software application development and post-implementation support. Based in Athens, Greece, with a network of local partners across more than 15 countries in the EMEA region, Unixfor supports companies to differentiate and prevail in an ever-changing market.

The partnership between Unixfor and CI Tech Components dates back to 2001 with the integration of CI Tech’s BIM 2020 banknote acceptor to Unixfor’s self-service kiosks. For many years the BIM 2020 was a core component of Unixfor’s self-service applications with numerous installations worldwide and a high customer satisfaction. Following the market introduction of the new banknote processing product family, the CI Note Line, Unixfor was in 2017 one of the first partners to integrate the deposit configuration CI 20-00 to their new APS Compact self-service kiosk series. Furthermore, the APS Compact was the first ECB Art. 6 certified application including CI Note Line.

Unixfor’s Business Development Lead, Alexandros Stylianidis stated “We chose to develop our new APS Compact Series using the CI Note banknote acceptor at its core, because we were confident that CI Tech was the right partner to help us deliver the desired results every step of the way, based on the long-standing cooperation and mutual understanding between our organizations”.

“With Unixfor we had the chance to win a long-term, experienced and professional partner to first integrate our CI Note Line product family into their innovative self-service kiosk system. The provided valuable feedback and know-how, especially in the area of performance, uptime and serviceability, helped us to further improve and optimize our product. Additionally, through Unixfor and their highly accepted and well-reputed solution we were able to expand our presence in the utility payment market and to gain positive customer and market feedback”, said Christoph Mätzig, Managing Director at CI Tech Components.

Unixfor APS Compact CI Note Line banknote deposit self-service kiosk

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