CI Note Line’s high reliability and easy maintenance

In challenging applications such as toll gates, CI Note Line processes up to 1’000 banknotes per day and has to handle all types of banknote quality and payment behavior. To nevertheless guarantee highest uptime and reliability, the module stands out with the following features.

Auto jam clearing

Bad quality banknotes pose a higher risk to provoke jams during the cash in process. CI Note Line contains an auto jam clearing feature which resolves most of the jams automatically. The module is equipped with various sensors covering the transport paths to recognize jam situations in any section of the module during cash-in as well as cash-out procedure. In case of a jam situation the module attempts independently several times to move the jammed banknotes into the clearing target.

All accessible transport paths

For the remaining complex jam cases which can’t be resolved automatically, CI Note Line provides complete access to transport paths for manual interventions. The access is divided into two closing circuits:

  •  Keyless access to the upper Head Unit as well as to the Transport Unit for immediate intervention by the operator without access to stored banknotes
  •  Key access to the Submodules with stored banknotes e.g. Deposit Cassette or Recycling Units for authorized service technicians

Beside the efficient manual jam removal, the complete access also provides an easy maintenance procedure to further improve module uptime and reliability

Banknote quality sorting

On customer’s demand, bad quality banknotes will be moved during cash-in process into the Deposit Cassette and not used as recycling denomination. Modules equipped with a “F” Sensor can additionally classify and sort the quality of the banknote according to ECB’s fitness criteria. Both features minimize the risk of a jam significantly.


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