CI Note Line receives Bank of England’s Gold Standard certification for the 2nd time

On November 2021, CI Tech confirmed with its CI Note Line “C” Sensor Version the Bank of England’s Gold Standard certification with the latest test deck for the second time after 2019. CI Tech is one of the few manufacturers in its segment achieving with the Gold Standard the highest of the three certification levels.

The CI Note Line listing can be found here.

BoE counterfeit test decks used: Counterfeit Test Pack (Version 77) und Counterfeit Test Pack (MAC notes – Version 3).

BoE introduced the “Framework for testing automatic banknote handling machines” with higher authentication standards back in July 2019. The framework includes the following three levels:

  1. Minimum Sensor Standard The machine is capable of meeting a Minimum Sensor Standard by checking the number and type of sensors used in the machine against a standard laid down by the bank.
  2. Silver Standard Machines which are able to identify 100% of the circulation and artificial counterfeits and treat them accordingly as described in this Framework are considered to have met the Silver standard. This is mandatory for all machines from January 2024.
  3. Gold Standard Machines which meet the Silver standard plus the Minimum Sensor Standard, are considered to have met the Gold standard. This is mandatory for all existing machines from January 2029. For new models not previously sold into the UK market prior to 2024 it is mandatory from January 2024.

Manufacturers need to transition to the new standard to remain certified by the Bank of England.


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