CI Tech supplies banknote handling solutions for Metro projects in China

CI Tech is delighted to supply banknote handling machines for the TVM’s to be installed in the following AFC tender projects:

Zhengzhou (capital of Henan province) Metro:

  • Project name: Zhengzhou Metro Line 3 – Phase 1
  • Project start: November 2019

The rapid transit line no. 3 is under construction and is expected to start operation in 2020. The 25.2 km long line will have 21 stations. It is part of the Zhengzhou Metro project whose construction started in 2013 and as of September 2019 has 5 operational lines, with a network length of 151.8 km.

Xi’an (Shaanxi province) Metro:

  • Project name: Xian Metro Line 14
  • Project start: January 2020

The line 14 is part of the project phase 3 and will have 8 stations and a total length of 13.8 kilometers. Its construction started on June 12, 2019, operation start is expected for 2022. With the overall project completed, the system will span 423 km, 5 lines and 100 stations.


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