New 100-franc note: Currency Template available

CI Tech delivers upgraded Banknote Sensors and Currency Templates including the new 100-franc note. The sixth and final denomination concludes issuance of new banknote series.

On September 3, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) unveiled with the new 100 franc banknote the last denomination of the 9th series. The new banknote with the format 70 x 144 millimeters goes into circulation on September 12, 2019. The banknote of the latest series focuses on Switzerland’s humanitarian tradition, represented by the key motif of water. 

The 100 franc note is the most used banknote in Switzerland. According to SNB statistics, in 2018 there were 133’905’125 in circulation, which is 28.4% of all denominations.

In retrospect, SNB president Thomas Jordan stated the 9th series as a 10-year adventure by saying that the Swiss National Bank has reached its limits about what is technically feasible. The main difference to the 8th banknote series is in the material: A new substrate allowed the integration of new complex security features. An example is the transparent Swiss cross, which transforms into a flag as soon as it is held against the light. The paper, used for the banknote, consists of three layers while banknotes such as the dollar or the euro only consists out of one single layer.

Our close cooperation with the SNB ensures that all of our banknote validation systems on the market can be updated with the new Currency Template even before the new banknote are issued. This allows our systems to detect the new banknote upon the first day of circulation.

The new currency templates are available on our Download Portal for all existing banknote sensors.

Learn more about the new 100 franc banknote here.


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