New € 100 and € 200 banknotes unveiled

One week ago the European Central Bank (ECB) unveiled the new € 100 and € 200 banknotes, which will enter into circulation on May 28, 2019.

After the € 5, € 10, € 20 and € 50, the € 100 and € 200 banknotes are the last two denominations of the second Europa series, and therefore mark its completion. Following an ECB-council decision the € 500 banknote will no longer be produced. The main reason for this decision was the facilitated terrorism financing and money laundering.

According to previous experience, criminals are primarily preoccupied with the portrait window, which becomes transparent when holding the banknote up to the light. In addition to the visible security also the machine-readable security features have been enhanced.

The new €100 and €200 notes are a different size to the old € 100 and € 200 notes. Both denominations are now the same height as the € 50 banknote. However, their length remains unchanged – the longer the note, the higher the value. Since the € 50, € 100 and € 200 banknotes are now the same height, they will also fit better in people’s wallets and last longer, as they will be subject to less wear and tear.

Learn more about the new Euro denominations here.


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